The European Innovation Council has been impressed by Pilot Photonics’ laser comb technology

Pilot Photonics has been accepted into an EIC Corporate Day to pitch our technology and talents to Thales and Thales Alenia Space. These events are driven by the European Union as part of their Horizon 2020 programme, and are a valuable bridge between small, innovative enterprises and large corporations. These events are open to any of the SME Instrument Winners, but out of 180 companies who applied, only 15 were selected.

Pilot Photonics has developed laser comb technologies which promise to transform optical telecoms application, offering improved speed for data links and accurate and reliable clocking systems, all with reduced power needs and physical footprint. As the company grows, it has made successful sales all around the world, and continues to draw interest and curiosity from large, industry leaders.

Thales is a leading global service provider to the aerospace, defence, transportation and security sectors. Thales Alenia Space, in partnership with Leonardo, are looking for innovative startups and SMEs in their sectors, especially focusing on space. Thales and Thales Alenia Space are both part of the Thales Group. The EIC Corporate day will be held virtually on the 23rd and 24th November 2020 but is hosted in Toulouse, France.