White Papers

The Pilot Photonics Optical Wavelength Comb Source and its Expansion

Optical frequency comb sources have recently stirred a lot of interest due to wide ranging applications such as optical arbitrary waveform generation, photonic microwave signal generation, optical signal processing and multi-carrier spectrally efficient transmission techniques with the sub-channel spacing equal to the symbol rate of each sub-channel. Optical frequency comb sources with good spectral flatness...Read On

Pilot Photonics Comb Source as a Cost Efficient Transmitter in a Multi-carrier Wavelength Division Multiplexed System

The extensive increase in bandwidth usage shows no sign of abating and is pushing service providers to deploy long haul, metro and access networks with increased capacity. With this continued push for higher capacities, carriers are resorting to upgrade the WDM systems by deploying higher wave counts or higher capacities per wavelength. One of the factors that has been attracting a lot of attention, with the move to higher line rates, is the information spectral density achieved...Read On

Multi-Carrier Transmitter and Pilot Tone Based Receiver for Long Reach Access Networks

The explosive growth of the internet, fuelled by the ever-increasing information processing and data creation capability placed at the consumer’s disposal, has triggered the introduction of fibre based broadband access networks such as Fibre To The x (FTTx) technology to replace copper based last mile networks. To date, these FTTx networks, have been based on Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and use dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithms to distribute available capacity amongst users...Read On