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Optical Wavelength Comb Source

Develop innovative new architectures with Pilot Photonics' Optical Wavelength Comb Source

Pilot Photonics' optical wavelength comb source is a bench-top unit for the optical telecommunication R&D market. It offers turn-key operation and excellent performance including a linewidth of 300kHz. Download the datasheet here.

Latest News:

Currently testing prototype devices of our Comb Source & Demux Photonic Integrated Circuits for the Beyond 100G optical transport market

Welcome to Pilot Photonics

Pilot Photonics Ltd is a privately held company offering unique optical comb source subsystems that will be a key enabler for the next generation of high density optical networking transmission solutions. With its patent pending technology, Pilot Photonics delivers robust and cost-effective optical comb sources, which emit highly stable, low line-width, phase-matched wavelength combs suitable for multicarrier optical transmission systems including coherent optical OFDM, Coherent WDM and Nyquist WDM.

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